Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN)

Capacity Building

Capacity building is one of PAIMAN's key intervention areas, dealing with strategic objective four (SO4). Encompassing all training activities—from ensuring traditional birth attendants know when a delivery may become dangerous, to teaching government health staff to counsel families in planning safe births, to providing advanced technical training for pediatricians—capacity building ensures that women and their newborns have local access to high-quality health services.

The thematic group serves as a think tank, developing innovative capacity-building strategies and providing support and guidance to all capacity building interventions. All of the PAIMAN partners are represented on the group, which holds regular meetings to discuss issues, problems and opportunities for PAIMAN's capacity building interventions.



  • Dr. Amanullah Khan, Save the Children


  • Dr Nabeela Ali, JSI
  • Mrs. Imtiaz Kamal, National Child, Maternal and Neonatal Health
  • Mr. Victor Lara, Greenstar
  • Dr Navaid Ali, Greenstar
  • Dr Zakir, Population Council
  • Dr Gul Rasheeda, Population Council
  • Dr. Shuaib Khan, JSI
  • Mr. Peter Hatcher, Population Council
  • Dr. Nuzhat Rafiq, JSI
  • Dr. Tahir Nadeem, JSI
  • Dr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutta, Aga Khan University
  • Mr Fayyaz Ahmed Khan, Johns Hopkins University
  • Dr. Arshad Mahmood, Population Council
  • Seemin Ashfaq, Population Council
  • Dr. Mohsin Saeed Khan, Contech

Working with providers and managers to ensure quality at all tiers of service deliver:

Tiers of service delivery

Management Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) Providers at the tiers of service delivery LHW and LHS MO, WMO, LHV, FMT, Nurse midwife and Dispensers/MTs MO, WMO, LHV, FMT, nurse midwife and dispensers/MTs pediatrician pediatrician Community level FLCF care Secondary care