Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN)

Communication, Advocacy and Mobilization

Communication, Advocacy and Mobilization (CAM) is one of the key intervention areas dealing with PAIMAN's Strategic Objective (SO) 1. CAM thematic group was among the very first thematic groups of PAIMAN that started working in February 2005. The thematic group serves as a think tank for PAIMAN besides providing support and guidance to all CAM interventions. Most of the PAIMAN partners are represented on the group which holds its regular meetings to discussion issues, problems and opportunities for communication, advocacy and mobilzation interventions of PAIMAN.



  • Fayyaz Ahmad Khan, JHUCCP


  • Dr. Nabeela Ali, JSI
  • Dr. Aliya Rehman, SC/US
  • Dr. Haroon Jehangir, Mercy Corps
  • Mr. Zoaib Mansoor, PAVHNA
  • Dr. Arshad Mahmood / Dr Wajid, Pop Council
  • Ms. Alya Mian, Greenstar Social Marketing
  • Dr. Anwar Janjua, Contech Internation
  • Dr. Zaeem-ul- Haq, JHUCCP
  • Ms. Shereen Rehmat, JHUCCP

Theoretical Focus

Pathways to MNH Pathways to MNH Pakistan Profile Domains for Communication Interventions Initial Outcomes Behavioral Outcomes Sustainable Health Outcome Social Political Environment Service Delivery System Community Individual