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Happiness returns to the couple

Photo of mother and baby
Nusrat with her baby girl Sadia

Nusrat is a resident of 58/10R Nawan Chowk, District Khanewal. She got married to Muhammad Nawaz, 15 years back. The couple remained childless even after 14 years of their marriage. They went to many doctors and Hakims for treatment but none of them could change their fate. Nusrat had almost lost hope of becoming a mother. Her mother-in-law always pressurised his son Nawaz to look for an other mate so that he can have children, but he never agreed. According to Nusrat, "I was hopeless that I would ever become a mother, and therefore I had started convincing my husband for a remarriage, however, he never accepted this proposal and was always hopeful for God's blessing."

By a strange turn of fate in July, the couple came across Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN) in 58/10R Nawan Chowk, which was working in the area in collaboration with a local NGO Pakistan Lions Youth Council (PLYC). One day PLYC PAIMAN team visited Nusrat's house and heard her story. They asked her husband to bring her to the Basic Health Unit in 58/10R (renovated and equipped by PAIMAN) for her medical checkup so that her problem could be identified. When Nawaz brought Nusrat to the BHU, it was diagnosed upon her medical examination that she was suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Nusrat was given antibiotic medicines for oral intake and at the same time was kept on hormonal therapy for 3 months.

In August 2006 while Nusrat was still on her hormonal therapy and antibiotic medicines, she went to the BHU for a routine checkup. The examination revealed that Nusrat was pregnant. This was a great moment for both Nusrat and her husband, who had lost hope of becoming parents. Nusrat regularly went for her antenatal checkups, throughout her pregnancy to the BHU. She was referred by the LHV at the BHU to a private hospital in Khwanewal for a C-section at the time of her delivery. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl on June 26th 2007. Nusrat and her family are very happy that God blessed them with a child. According to Nusrat, "Words can not express my gratitude to PAIMAN for bringing back happiness to our lives."