Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN)

Media Products

As part of the strategies outlined in the CAM Roadmap, PAIMAN will produce a number of media products to reach out to various target audiences with research based specific messages regarding MNH and gender issues. The media products include:

Printed Material

  1. PAIMAN Brochure (2009 version)
  2. District Specific PAIMAN MNCH Brochure
  3. PAIMAN – After the Promise
  4. Health Facility Image Building Brochure
  5. PAIMAN Behavior Change Communication: Matching diversity with variety

Electronic Material

  1. TV Drama Series
  2. District Level TV Talk Show
  3. Music Video
  4. Television Commercials
  5. Radio Magazine Show
  6. Documentary on Puppet Show

thumbnailPAIMAN Brochure (2009 version)

Previously two versions of PAIMAN brochures had been printed to provide detailed introduction of the project. Updated PAIMAN brochure was designed with an intention of highlighting expanded project's initiatives and to give its readers a flavor of specific targets the project aims to meet and had already achieved. The text of brochure has been made SMART with a special focus on its strategic objectives. Targets have been included in the revised text with the overall redesigning of the brochure and inclusion of PAIMAN's extension to additional 14 districts. The brochure has capitalized on the theme of successful partnerships between consortium members and the public sector.

Download the brochure (PDF, 1.37 MB)

thumbnailDistrict-Specific PAIMAN MNCH Brochure

Initially district specific PAIMAN brochures were developed to highlight the issues of Mothers and Newborn health (MNH) in ten districts only. In light of PAIMAN's programmatic expansion encompassing aspects of child health and family planning in addition to its earlier focus on maternal and newborn health issues, district-based brochures of the initial ten target districts were revised. Along with these, new brochures for 14 additional districts were developed, where PAIMAN is geographically expanded. Each brochure stresses the importance of a healthy mother, newborn and child and provides statistics of maternal, infant and child mortality of both the country and the respective district. Brochures provide reasons for high mortalities and the steps that can be taken to avoid them.

Download the brochure (PDF, 2.45 MB)

thumbnailPAIMAN – After the Promise

PAIMAN – After the Promise provides its readers a gist from number of initiatives being undertaken by PAIMAN in each of its strategic objectives. The booklet is meant to support all advocates by providing data on the status and importance of MNCH in the country. The booklet describes detailed rationale, process, impact and the way forward of selected initiatives.

Download the brochure (PDF, 54.6 MB)

thumbnailHealth Facility Image Building Brochure

Brochures are developed to build image of 31 upgraded health facilities in initial ten PAIMAN districts in order to increase their clientele. Each brochure provides a brief detail of health services that are being offered at each facility (District Headquarter/Tehsil Headquarter/Rural health center etc). These brochures are a step towards the achievement of third strategic objective of PAIMAN, i.e. Improve service quality in both the public and private sectors, particularly related to the management of obstetrical complications and child survival.

Download the brochure (PDF, 838 KB)

thumbnailPAIMAN Behavior Change Communication: Matching diversity with variety

To ensure long-term sustainable change and touching heterogeneous audience for behavior change communication on MNCH, a report was developed to highlight the findings of Ulama Interventions, partnership with journalists, Putlee tamasha and PAIMAN district TV talk shows. The report mentions in detail the methods, results, and gives a list of the major issues discussed during the process.

Download the brochure (PDF, 12.49 MB)

TV Drama Series

PAIMAN, under its Communication, Advocacy and Mobilization Strategy, has developed a 13-episode drama series called "Paiman." The drama series is currently being televised on Pakistan Television (PTV-Home) on every Sunday at 10:00 pm. Each episode of the drama series is based on real-life issues of mothers and newborns in Pakistan that have been derived from the findings of a qualitative research. The scripts of the drama series have been written by Noor ul Huda Shah whereas some of the top most television directors of Pakistan have directed various episodes. The series features a blend of senior and emerging stars of silver screens playing some of the memorable characters of their lives. Following is the schedule of drama series.

Download the demo.

Download creative strategy brief for more information (PDF 14.4KB)


District Level TV Talk Show

10-episode district specific TV talk show has been produced for national telecast on ATV, a Pakistani Television Channel focusing on maternal and newborn health situations.

PAIMAN Talk shows will be aired on ATV starting from Friday March 30, 2007 on weekly basis between 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. The talks shows will be shown in a series of 10 episodes over a period of three months.

  1. Making of the Paiman Talk Show – Friday March 30, 07
  2. Talk Show District Sukkur – Friday April 6, 07
  3. Talk Show District Dadu – Friday April 13,07
  4. Talk Show District Jafferabad – Friday April 20, 07
  5. Talk Show District Lasbella – Friday April 27, 07
  6. Talk Show District Jehlum – Friday May 4, 07
  7. Talk Show District D.G.Khan – Friday May 11, 07
  8. Talk Show District Khanewal – Friday May 18, 07
  9. Talk Show District Upper Dir – Friday May 25, 07
  10. Talk Show District Buner – Friday June 1, 07

Front cover of brochure

Download creative strategy brief for more information (PDF 12.4KB)

Music Video 1

PAIMAN music video is part of the Communication Advocacy and Mobilization (CAM) Strategy of PAIMAN and aims to position pregnancy as a very special stage in the life of a woman. It also highlights the important but often neglected fact that the health and wellbeing of mother and child is a joint responsibility of husband and family members. The video is directed by the award winning Pakistani director, Sohail Javed while famous Popstar, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan has lent his voice to the lyrics specially written for PAIMAN.

Download video (WswMV 41.7 MBB)

Download creative strategy brief for more information (PDF 11.1KB)

Music Video 2

PAIMAN music video "Zindagi" aimed at positioning childcare as a very special stage in parents' life. The purpose of the video is to promote the responsibility of family members for providing extra care to a newborn with the aim of insuring an improved neonate and child outcomes. The song and the music video reflect joy and celebration in life which are essential for upbringing of a healthy child. The video is directed by award wining Pakistani director Sohail Javed, while famous pop star Sajjad Ali has lent his voice to the lyrics specially written for PAIMAN.

Download video (MPEG 69.6 MB)

Television Commercials

PAIMAN Television Commercials were produced to focus on key hurdles in adopting healthy MNCH Behaviors. A total of 5 Television commercials were produced with each depicting a different cultural setting of Pakistan with specific maternal and newborn health message. Distinct messages given in each commercial focused on birth preparedness, importance and recognition of a skilled birth attendant, antenatal care, delayed newborn bathing, and postnatal care. The development process of producing television commercials was a rigorous one; starting from preparation of outlines for message communication strategy to pre-testing of the rough-cuts of the commercials and finalization of the media airing plan.

TV Commercial 1 | TV Commercial 2 | TV Commercial 3 | TV Commercial 4 | TV Commercial 5 | TV Commercial 6 | TV Commercial 7

Radio Magazine Show

PAIMAN Radio Magazine Show aims to position pregnancy as a very special stage in the life of a woman. It also highlights the important but often neglected fact that health and wellbeing of mother and child is a joint responsibility of husband and family members. The magazine show comprising 13 episodes was produced in 2008, and was presented by Tosiq Haider.

Download radio magazine show (MPEG 20.97 MB)

Documentary Puppet Show

The Documentary on Puppet Shows presents a unique and cost-effective approach of indigenous form of puppetry that not only helped reviving centuries-old local tradition but also effectively used it for health behavior change communication. Puppet Shows were held in rural areas of selected districts of Pakistan where, otherwise, reach of mass-media was severely limited. This Documentary explains how specific messages on maternal and newborn health were entwined into the stories and characterization of puppet shows targeting women and men in their reproductive ages.

Download documentary puppet show (MPEG 151.95 MB)