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USAID office opened in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: US Ambassador to Pakistan Ryan Crocker officially opened the US agency for International Development (USAID) office in Peshawar Tuesday at a ceremony at American consulate here.

The office will oversee the expansion of USAID development activities in the NWFP and Fata, including programmes in education, health, private sector development and governance. In his address, Crocker highlighted the positive work of USAID to support Pakistani government efforts. The ambassador described how the government of Pakistan has set forth broad based sustainable development by implementing needed economic reforms so that positive economic growth can be shared by all segments of Pakistani society.

To accelerate economic growth in the region one USAID activity supports private sector growth in several sectors that have special potential in the NWFP. These include gems and jewellery, marble and granite and the dairy industry. In addition, USAID supports micro and small loans to help farmers and traders increase their working capital to grow their business.

Following the October earthquake, USAID funded extensive relief and transition programmes in Mansehra district. More recently, reconstruction programmes are being launched, including the construction of new schools for both boys and girls in Dadar.

The ceremony was also attended by new USAID representative in Peshawar, Sherry Carlin, as well as by USAID Pakistan Mission Director Jonathan Addleton. In his remarks, he highlighted the positive contribution made by USAID programmes in NWFP, including USAID support for agricultural research, on farm water management, area development and the agricultural university in Peshawar.

News Source: The International News, July 12, 2006.